JESÚS CURIÁ b. 1969 Spain

Photograph of Hugo Galerie artist Jesús Curiá.

Jesús Curiá lives and works in Madrid, Spain. He holds a PhD in Fine Art from the Complutense University of Madrid and serves as an art lecturer at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid. Curiá has exhibited internationally for nearly three decades and his works are held in such prestigious collections as Sungsan Art Hall (South Korea), ONCE’s Typhlological Museum, C.A.M. artistic heritage fund, and U.C.M. artistic heritage fund.

His practice is concerned with capturing the essence of the human being. Curiá’s sculptures blend figurative elements with abstracted bodies in an attempt to express tradition, modernity, and culture—themes that are foundational to his artistic approach. His characters, which are somehow both ancient and futuristic, reflect the artist’s ideas and emotions toward the contemporary world and raise questions of identity, community, and globalization.

Curiá instills his figures with an ambiguity that is fundamental to his visual language. The facial features in his works are neither western nor non-western, male nor female. Their powerful forms and gestures evoke a broad range of emotions including joy, serenity, solidarity, and, occasionally, defiance. Though he primarily works in bronze, Curiá thoughtfully integrates wood, stone, concrete, and resin when these materials directly relate to the concept he wishes a sculpture to convey. 

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2021 Hugo Gallery, New York, NY
2021 Red Sea Gallery, Singapore
2021 Modus Gallery, Paris, France
2021 Ramfjord Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2021 Galerie Hegemann, Munich, Germany
2021 Saomamede Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2021 Ansorena Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2020 Hugo Gallery, New York, NY
2020 NIL Gallery, Paris, France
2020 Liquid art system, Capri, Italy
2020 Abrahamart Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
2020 M Contemporary Gallery, Sidney, Australia
2020 Jordi Barnadas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2020 Anquin’s Gallery, Reus, Spain
2019 Cafmeyer Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2019 Jodi Barnadas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Modus Gallery, Paris, France
2018 ATR Gallery, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
2018 Sao Mamede Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2017 Modus Gallery, Paris, France
2017 ATR Gallery, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
2017 Red Sea Gallery, Singapore
2017 Sao Mamede Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2017 Am Dom Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
2016 Modus Gallery, Paris, France
2016 ATR Gallery, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
2016 Abrahamart Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2016 Jodi Barnadas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2015 Sao Mamede Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2015 Artlet Gallery, Munchen, Germany
2015 ATR Gallery, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
2014 Sao Mamede Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2014 Anquins Gallery, Tarragona, Spain
2013 El Quatre Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2013 Ramfjord Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Modus Gallery, Paris, France
2012 ART14 Gallery, Bruges, Belgium
2012 Radeski Gallery, Liege, Belgium
2012 Lyna Maroun Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2012 Jodi Barnadas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2011 Modus Gallery, Paris, France
2011 ART14 Gallery, Bruges, Belgium
2011 Lyna Maroun Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2010 Artoucht Gallery, Paris, France
2010 Lamber Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2010 Sao Mamede Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2010 El Quatre Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2009 Artoucht Gallery, Paris, France
2009 Lamber Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2009 Feel Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2009 Xanon Gallery, Bilbao, Spain
2009 Anna-Maria Burger Gallery, Munich, Germany
2009 Anquins Gallery, Reus, Spain
2009 Isabel Ignacio Gallery, Sevilla, Spain