“Winter Collective I” 2021

Introducing Diego Benéitez and Christa Kirova

And featuring Joseph Adolphe, François Anton, Guillaume Chansarel, Jesús Curiá, Laurent Dauptain, Michel Delacroix, Philippe H. Dequesne, Philippe Charles Jacquet, Sandrine Paumelle, Joseph Paxton, Patrick Pietropoli, Xavier Rodés, and Benoît Trimborn 


4 January–14 February 2021

Oil on canvas painting of lush grass meeting a brilliantly reflective river under a radiant sun and cloud filled sky called Au Jardin des Deux Rives by Benoît Trimborn.
Benoît Trimborn, Au Jardin des Deux Rives, oil on canvas, 78¾” x 63″ (200 x 160cm)