Magical Realism II

Beth Carter, Marc Chalmé, Eric Roux-Fontaine

12 October–1 November 2020

 Oil on canvas painting of a mysterious room where a blue rug, coffee table, and two chairs facing each other are lit by a large window by Marc Chalmé titled Le Tapis Bleu. Bronze sculpture of the weathered bust of an older man wearing a crown that looks more like industrial smokestacks protruding from his head by Beth Carter titled "Hollow King." 

Marc Chalmé, Le Tapis Bleu II, oil on canvas, 45″ x 57½” (114 x 146cm)
Beth Carter, Hollow King, bronze, 27½” x 14½” x 14″ (70 x 37 x 36cm) (including base)
Eric Roux-Fontaine, Gulabi, silk scarf, 38″ x 39″ (98 x 100cm)


De l’Autre Côté de l’Eau

(Reprisal, now available for in-person viewing)

Albert Hadjiganev

12 October–1 November 2020

Oil on canvas painting of a sunny forest with a small figure in a red, hooded cloak by Albert Hadjiganev titled "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge."
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, oil on canvas, 63″ x 78¾” (160 x 200cm)