DANIEL RAYNOTT b. 1962 France

Photograph of Hugo Galerie artist Daniel Raynott.

Daniel Raynott started painting at a very early age and is entirely self-taught. His visits to museums around the world are the basis of his learning. The artist worked as a graphic designer in the 80s and collaborated with various French magazines. His paintings demonstrate this professional influence of his with precise lines, bright light, and saturated colors. Raynott’s greatest inspiration can be traced back to the 90s when he began to frequent the United States, particularly California. California has often been sung about, admired, and dreamed of. Its sun, beaches, and unique glow incite the sweetness of life.

Raynott produces colorful nostalgia by creating canvases tinged with optimism and dazzling contrasts. Dreamy villas with sleek, modern architecture and swimming pools that sparkle with transparency are his preferred subjects. He paints the glamour of the 60s on the west coast. Each work is a sunny journey: the warmth of Palm Springs, the freshness of San Francisco, the panoramic views of the Pacific in Malibu and Santa Monica. Nostalgic yet contemporary, Raynott pays homage to the land of creativity and optimism that never stops pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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2021 Galerie Artima, Paris, France
2020 Galerie Artima, Paris, France
2020 Galerie de l’Estuaire, Honfleur, France
2020 Art Galerie Design, Le Touquet, France
2019 Galerie de l’Estuaire, Honfleur, France


Hong Kong