Black and white photograph of Hugo Galerie artist Louise Laffaille.French and Swiss artist Louise Laffaille lives and works between New York City and Paris.

She is inspired by luminists and Asian techniques. Her watercolors on paper and oils on canvas aim to stirringly and truthfully measure the moods of nature with an enduring inclination toward light, fog, and phenomena.

Laffaille’s landscapes are often observed from a distance and reveal her fascination with the natural world unmastered by man.

She works with her memories. Rather than pursue an exact replica, she allows her emotions to lead the way. This method leaves space for both artist and viewer to wonder and imagine.

Her watercolors on paper often contain more than 50 layers of paint, which renders a sense of depth. Her unique approach and technique to oil painting is to apply a juxtaposition of her knowledge in watercolor.

Laffaille’s artwork has been shown in Europe at Amélie Maison d’Art and Françoise Durst in Paris, Atelier Noir in Albi, and Galerie de L’Univers in Lausanne, Switzerland. She won the 2018 artist fellowship and residency at the Castle of La Napoule, France. In New York, she has shown at Art 345 and First Street Gallery, where she won the National Jury Competition.

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2020 Carquefou Art Fair, Carquefou, France

2019 Nathalie Gauglin/Louise Laffaille, Atelier Noir, Albi, France

2019 Festival d’Art Actuel, Île de Ré, Oléron, France

2019 The Other Art Fair, London, UK

2019 Together We Art, LP4Y, New York, NY

2018 D’Eau et de Lumière, We Art From Paris, Paris, France

2018 Alumni Exhibition, La Napoule Art Foundation, Long Island City, NY

2018 National Jury Competition, First Street gallery, New York, NY

2018 Group Show, Château de La Napoule Art Foundation, Mandelieu-La Napoule, France

2018 Group Show, Villa American Fine Art at Art 345, New York, NY

2017 Artists Run, Noho Gallery, New York, NY

2017 Phases, Art 345, New York, NY

2017 60th Annual Benefit for the Homeless, Grand Central Social Service Corporation, New York, NY

2017 Music of Color, Gallery 125, New York, NY

2017 Spectrum, Art 345, New York, NY

2016 State of Water, State of Mind, Art 345, New York, NY

2015 Bronx Art Space, The Bronx Art Factory, Bronx, NY

2015 Buy What You Love, The Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Bosi Gallery, New York, NY

2014 Everyday Is a Blossom Galerie ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland

2014 Time, Space and the Spectator, Galerie ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland

2013 Workshop, Galerie Torrini at ECAL, Lausanne Switzerland

2012 There Is a Difference Between a Shaky or Out-of-Focus Photograph and a Snapshot of Clouds and Fog Banks, Galerie ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland

2011 Syndrome de Diogène, Galerie ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland