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Watercolor on Arches paper of the interior of Paris's quintessential architecture by Chizuru Morii Kaplan titled

“Winter Collective II” 2021

15 February–15 March 2021

Chizuru Morii Kaplan, Parisian Rooftops, watercolor on Arches paper, 60" x 52" (152 x 132cm)

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Benéitez_La Mitad de Mi Alma

“Winter Collective I” 2021

Introducing Diego Benéitez and Christa Kirova

4 January–14 February 2021

Diego Benéitez, La Mitad de Mi Alma, oil on board, 47¼" x 47¼" (120 x 120cm)

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Acrylic on board painting of the Loire Valley's Château d’Azay-le-Rideau surrounded by a horse drawn carriage, young families strolling, and even a plein air painter titled

Un Rêve de France


5 December 2020–3 January 2021

Château D’Azay le Rideau, acrylic on board, 25½” x 21¼” (65 x 54cm)

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Bronze sculpture of an enormous minotaur which somehow appears not ferocious at all but quite mild by Beth Carter titled

There Is No Dark Until Something Shines


7 November–29 November 2020

Giant Standing Minotaur II, bronze, 73" x 25" x 24" (185 x 64 x 61cm)

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Silk scarf with an orange border containing what at first appears to be an oil spill but upon closer inspection is a twirling Romani woman surrounded by swarm of butterflies by Eric Roux-Fontaine titled Gulabi.

“Magical Realism II” 2020


12 October–1 November 20120

Eric Roux-Fontaine, Gulabi, silk scarf, 38" x 39" (98 x 100cm)

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Oil on canvas painting of a rooftop portion of the Louvre in Paris by Patrick Pietropoli titled Four Chimneys.

Coup de Foudre


12 September–11 October 2020

Four Chimneys, oil on canvas, 52" x 80" (132 x 203cm)

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Mixed media painting of two slightly blurred yet glowing trees with shrubs below against a blue sky by Sandrine Paumelle titled

“Summer Collective” 2020

8 August–6 September 2020

Sandrine Paumelle, Un Belle Place, mixed media, 59" x 39½" (150 x 100cm)

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Acrylic, marble powder, and pure pigment on canvas painting of the full moon and a flock of cranes inside the Palace of Versailles by Eric Roux-Fontaine titled Nouvelle Lune.

Les Jardins d’Eaux et de Feu


3 July–7 August 2020

Nouvelle Lune, mixed media on canvas, 44¾" x 57½" (114 x 146cm)

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Oil on canvas painting of two lemons hanging from a leafy branch against a neutral background awash with pink by Joseph Adolphe titled Limoncello no 2.



11 May–2 July 2020

Limoncello no. 2, oil on canvas, 20" x 21¼" (51 x 54cm)

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Oil on canvas painting of a sunny forest with a small figure in a red, hooded cloak by Albert Hadjiganev titled

De l’Autre Côté de l’Eau


28 March–10 May 2020

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, oil on canvas, 63" x 78¾" (160 x 200cm)

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Acrylic, marble powder, and pure pigment on canvas painting of Monet's Giverny garden at twilight by Eric Roux-Fontaine titled L'Étang II.

“Winter Collective II” 2020

17 February–27 March 2020

Eric Roux-Fontaine, L'Étang II, acrylic, marble powder, and pure pigment on canvas, 31½" x 39¼" (81 x 100cm)

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Mixed media painting of a seated gentleman inspecting the sole of his shoe where he has stepped in bubblegum and tracked it on the rug by François Anton titled Chewing Gum Sur un Tapis d'Orient.

“Winter Collective I” 2020

Introducing Chizuru Morii Kaplan

6 January–16 February 2020

François Anton, Chewing Gum Sur un Tapis d'Orient, mixed media on canvas, 29" x 24" (73 x 60cm)

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Acrylic on canvas painting of a young lady in a red skirt and blue coat floating above a distant, barren landscape by Federico Infante titled The Desert.



7 December 2019–5 January 2020

The Desert, acrylic on canvas, 48" x 41 ½" (122 x 106cm)

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Oil on canvas painting of a mysterious room lit from a large window where two chairs face each other across a table above which a spherical object floats by Marc Chalmé titled Between Dreams.

Between Dreams


31 October–1 December 2019

Between Dreams, oil on canvas, 71" x 94" (180 x 239cm)

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Acrylic and oil on canvas painting of a crystal blue lake surrounded by red flowers and trees, slashed with texture, by Jernej Forbici titled Lake with Red Mud.

Long Gone


5 October–27 October 2019

Lake with Red Mud, acrylic and oil on canvas, 63" x 81" (160 x 206cm)

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Bronze sculpture of a small girl standing on the back of a large bull by Beth Carter titled Girl and Bull.

“Summer Collective II” 2019

Featuring Guillaume Chansarel

3 September–29 September 2019

Beth Carter, Girl and Bull, bronze, 24½" x 23½" x 8" (62 x 60 x 20cm)

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Acrylic on board painting of the Monte Carlo casino plaza by Fabienne Delacroix titled La Place du Casino de Monte-Carlo.

“Summer Collective I” 2019

Introducing Jesús Curiá

12 August–1 September 2019

Fabienne Delacroix, La Place du Casino de Monte-Carlo, acrylic on board, 31½" x 23½" (80 x 60cm)

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Oil on canvas painting of a woman hanging laundry on a clothesline in a sunny backyard by Brian Keith Stephens titled

Pool Party


27 July–11 August 2019

Don't Forget to Buy Bread, oil on canvas, 20" x 26" (51 x 66cm)

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Oil on canvas painting of a tug boat moored at a pier amidst choppy and sun-reflecting water by Xavier Rodés titled Tug.



29 June–21 July 2019

Tug, oil on canvas, 23½" x 36¼" (60 x 92cm)

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Oil on canvas painting of the sun peeking through the trees and reflecting across the water by Benoît Trimborn titled

Le Chant de la Terre


25 May–23 June 2019

Au Bord de l'Eau, oil on board, 78¾" x 55" (200 x 140cm)

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Oil on board painting of a lone house, rowboat, and their reflections on a lake at dawn titled Le Moulin à l'Aube by Philippe Charles Jacquet.

Les Reclus


27 April–19 May 2019

Le Moulin à l'Aube, oil on board, 47¼" x 47¼" (120 x 120cm)

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Oil on canvas painting of a figure's silhouette, filled in with the Jacques-Louis David painting Oath of the Horatii and seated in a red room, by Patrick Pietropoli titled The Oath.



23 March–21 April 2019

The Oath, oil on canvas, 78" x 56" (198 x 142cm)

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Acrylic and oil on canvas painting of trees across a lake with red paint smeared across it by Jernej Forbici titled Stain.

“Winter Collective II” 2019

11 February–17 March 2019

Jernej Forbici, Stain, acrylic and oil on canvas, 31½" x 63" (80 x 160cm)

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Oil on canvas painting of large, white roses against a blue background by Joseph Adolphe titled Anniversary No. 7.

“Winter Collective I” 2019

7 January–10 February 2019

Joseph Adolphe, Anniversary no. 7, oil on canvas, 65" x 72" (165 x 183cm)

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Acrylic painting of Notre Dame Cathedral in winter by Fabienne Delacroix titled Premiere Neige sur Notre Dame.

Paris Est une Fête


8 December 2018–6 January 2019

Premiere Neige sur Notre Dame, acrylic on canvas, 23¾" x 31½" (60 x 80cm)

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Polished bronze sculpture of a seated Minotaur holding a book by Beth Carter titled Reading Minotaur.

Minotaur: The golden thread


10 November–2 December 2018

Minotaur Reading, polished bronze, 23" x 14" x 11” (59 x 36 x 28cm)

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Magical Realism


6 October–4 November 2018

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8 September–30 September, 2018

Sous Bois, oil on canvas, 59 ¼ x 90 ½” (150 x 230cm)

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Oil and wax on canvas painting of Marilyn Monroe as a ballerina seated in a dance studio by Goxwa titled Marilyn in the Studio.

Winged Migration


8 July–2 September, 2018

Marilyn in the Studio, oil and wax on canvas, 76 ¾ x 51” (195 x 130cm)


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as-soon-as-the-sun-comes-up79x99 reduced

“Summer Collective I” 2018

18 June–22 July, 2018

Brian Keith Stephens, As Soon as the Sun Comes Up, acrylic on canvas, 79 x 99” (200 x 251cm)

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The Geography of Hope


26 May–17 June, 2018

The Geography of Hope, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 100” (122 x 254cm)

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28 April–20 May, 2018

Fontainebleau, oil on canvas, 40 x 59” (102 x 150cm)

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Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi


24 March–22 April, 2018

Anima Mundi, mixed media on canvas, 70 ¾ x 82 ½” (180 x 210cm)

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Bird 116x89 web

Winter Collection II

12 February–18 March, 2018

Ġoxwa, Bird, mixed media on board, 45 ½ x 35" (115 ½ x 89cm)

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Winter Collective I

Winter Collection I

23 September–16 October, 2018

Federico Infante, The Lighthouse, acrylic on canvas, 70 x 48" (178 x 122 cm)

2017 “Le Temps Retrouvé,” Michel Delacroix, December

2017 “Dans L’écho du Réel,” Marc Chalmé, November

2017 “Il Etait une Fois,” François Anton, October

2017 “Run with Me Baby,” Brian Keith Stephens, September

2017 “Metaphor,” Xavier Rodés, June

2017 “A Fleur de Peau,” Laurent Dauptain, May

2017 “Nord Ouest,” Yves Crenn, April

2017 “Renaissance,” Benoît Trimborn, March

2016 “Winter’s Tale,” Fabienne Delacroix, December

2016 “Un Autre Monde,” Philippe Charles Jacquet, November

2016 “Between the Ancients and Me,” Beth Carter, October

2016 “Le Rentre,” Albert Hadjiganev, September