Philippe Charles Jacquet in the studioPhilippe Charles Jacquet is not simply a painter of landscapes; he is a creator. Jacquet has mastered the ability to combine what is real and what is imagined. As a result, his compositions, heavily inspired by Brittany coasts and estuaries, have an element of the sublime and register deeply with the subconscious. Although he paints sparse landscapes, there is something fundamentally pleasing in the surreal, idealized quality of his work.

Jacquet was trained as an architect at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. After pursuing his career in architecture, he decided to dedicate himself solely to painting. One can detect his background in architecture in his heavily symmetrical, geometric landscapes. However, he successfully offsets the very calculated appearance of architectural compositions with rich colors and an intriguing variety of surfaces ranging from glass-like water to rusted, flaking hulls of barges.

Jacquet is entirely self-taught and his painting technique undoubtedly sets him apart from other artists.  Working in gloss paint, an industrial medium, he begins by painting his plywood surface with a uniform base of an off-white color. This medium allows him to achieve remarkably smooth surfaces. Each area of the composition is approached differently: sometimes textures are created using several transparent layers while others are achieved through the use of a razor blade to scratch away at the surface.

Jacquet takes extra care when approaching the houses that often appear in his paintings. He builds rather than paints these structures, often composing them on paper and later transferring them onto the backdrop. They effectively serve as reminders of a human presence in these expansive, dream-like landscapes.

Jacquet currently lives and works in Pantin, a suburb north of Paris, where he ran an exhibition hall. He has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout France. Notably, he won first prize at the Plastic Arts Exhibition at Melun.


2019 Les Reclus, Hugo Galerie, New York
2018 Reviens la Nuit, M Fine Arts, Boston
2017 Galerie 26, Paris
2017 Un Temps Arrêté, M Fine Arts, Boston
2016 Un Autre Monde, Hugo Galerie, New York 
Solo Exhibition, Axelle Fine Arts, New York 
 Solo Exhibition, Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2013 Entre Deux Mondes, Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2013 Winter Group Show, Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2012 Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2012 Group Show, Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2011 Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2011 Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2010 Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2008 Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2007 Galerie du Petit Enfer, Luc sur Mer, France
2007 Art et Thé, Granville, France
2007 Solidor en Peinture, Saint Malo, France
2007 Regard sur les Arts Exhibition, Lamballe, France
2007 A la Source, Ville de Saint Laurent Blangy, France
2007 Art Littoral Galerie, Dinard, France
2007 Salon de l’Octant, Marine art, Caen, France
2007 Salon de la Marine, France
2006 Solidor en Peinture, Saint Malo, France
2006 Galerie Cornette, La Charité sur Loire, France
2006 Plastic Arts Exhibition at Melun – 1st prize
2006 Salon de la Bastille, France
2005 ACERMA, Quai de Loire Paris, France
2005 Solidor en Peinture, Saint Malo, France
2005 Galerie la Côte Rouge, Caen, France
2005 Espace CHANEY, La Charité sur Loire, France
2005 Salon de la Marine, France
2004 Nucourt, Espace HEBERT-GALLOIS 95, France
2004 Solo Exhibition, Pantin, France
2004 Galerie ENCADRA, Paris, France
2004 Salon des Arts de Gouvieux 1st Prize at the Regional Council of Oise, France
2004 Galerie Boucherie ART, Paris, France