“Winter Collective I” 2021
Introducing Diego Benéitez and Christa Kirova
And featuring Joseph Adolphe, François Anton, Guillaume Chansarel, Jesús Curiá, Laurent Dauptain, Michel Delacroix, Philippe H. Dequesne, Philippe Charles Jacquet, Sandrine Paumelle, Joseph Paxton, Patrick Pietropoli, Xavier Rodés, and Benoît Trimborn
4 January–14 February 2021

Oil on board painting of a vivid, cobalt blue field of color that appears to be a landscape because of a distant horizon line by Diego Benéitez titled "El Sonido del Color." Bronze, textured sculpture of a dachshund by Joseph Paxton titled How to Win Friends and Influence People. Oil on canvas painting of a village, church, and green landscape of Bulgaria by Christa Kirova titled "Peruja." 

HUGO GALERIE is pleased to present Winter Collective I, the first of this season’s two group exhibitions and an exciting debut for two artists new to the gallery. HUGO toasts friends new and old to join us for this joyous start to a very welcome new year. Bonne année!

Joseph Adolphe’s perfect framing and distilled feeling have a cinematic quality. François Anton’s mixed-media works delight with their central character’s awkward relatability. Diego Benéitez’s paintings are dialogues that verge on abstraction were it not for an ever-present horizon line. Guillaume Chansarel romances and reinterprets urban streets with an architect’s eye. Jesús Curiá uses elemental materials to profess humanity’s fundamental unity. Laurent Dauptain’s powerful portraits are deft compilations of what is seen and unseen. Michel Delacroix’s masterful naïf scenes are charismatic memories of Paris. Philippe H. Dequesne paints with an enthusiastic and edited attention to color and perspective. Philippe Charles Jacquet’s built microcosms are dramatically poised within surreal realms. Christa Kirova combines the formalities of modern painting with an expressive aesthetic and perception of the world that is equally rational and poetic. Sandrine Paumelle merges photographic and painting techniques to ethereal effect. Joseph Paxton’s textured sculptures are personal yet conceptual, individual yet totemic. Patrick Pietropoli’s works are studies in architectural tenacity and endless romanticism. Xavier Rodés brings to life the serenity of an industrial space at peace. Benoît Trimborn’s landscapes are odes to the timeless and unmitigated wonder that is nature.

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Diego Benéitez, El Sonido del Color, oil on board, 23½” x 31½” (60 x 80cm)
Joseph Paxton, How to Win Friends and Influence People, bronze, 33″ x 17″ x 6″ (84 x 43 x 15cm)
Christa Kirova, Peruja, oil on canvas, 31½” x 23½” (80 x 60cm)