Hugo Madison
Summer Collective I 2021
Featuring Beth Carter, Fabienne Delacroix, Ġoxwa, Albert Hadjiganev, Joseph Paxton, and Patrick Pietropoli
6–29 August 2021

Hugo Soho
Summer Collective I 2021
Introducing Daniel Raynott
And featuring Beth Carter, Guillaume Chansarel, Laurent Dauptain, Philippe H. Dequesne, Jernej Forbici, Sandrine Paumelle, Joseph Paxton, Alejandro Quincoces, Eric Roux-Fontaine, and Brian Keith Stephens
6–29 August 2021

Oil on canvas painting of a pink sunset flooding the sky above a field and trees in silhouette by Albert Hadjiganev titled "Soir Rose." Acrylic and oil on canvas painting of a crystal blue lake surrounded by red flowers and trees, slashed with texture, by Jernej Forbici titled Lake with Red Mud.

HUGO GALERIE is pleased to present Summer Collective I 2021, a group exhibition of painting and sculpture. The show is a special experience, as it is the first time the seasonal collectives are split between the gallery’s two locations. Whether uptown or down-, visitors have a chance to view HUGO’s celebrated artists with their variation of style and confluence of expression on full display.

At HUGO MADISON, a selection of bronze and plaster sculptures by Beth Carter are allegories of the human condition, as mythological as they are contemporary, as formidable as they are sensitive. Fabienne Delacroix’s fanciful paintings delicately capture Paris’s belle époque past. Ġoxwa employs an encaustic technique to give her canvases a dimensionality and historicity reminiscent of frescos, yet the intimacy with which she engages her subjects replicates real-time experiences. Albert Hadjiganev makes the viewer present within his bucolic and immersive landscapes. The heavily textured sculptures of Joseph Paxton are so stylized yet alive, so substantial yet nimble, so personal yet conceptual, it is impossible to say whether they are individual animals or archetypal forms. Patrick Pietropoli’s paintings are studies in architectural tenacity and endless romanticism.

At HUGO SOHO, Summer Collective I 2021 introduces a new artist to the gallery: Daniel RaynottRaynott paints colorful canvases of California tinged with optimism and dazzling contrasts. Guillaume Chansarel reinterprets urban streets with an architect’s romanticism. Laurent Dauptain’s powerful portraits are deft compilations of what is seen and unseen. Philippe H. Dequesne paints with an enthusiastic and edited attention to color and perspective. Jernej Forbici’s emotive color-play reveals an environmentally conscious narrative. Ġoxwa’s encaustic technique lends historicity and the intimacy of a personal encounter. Sandrine Paumelle merges photographic and painting technique to ethereal effect. Joseph Paxton’s textured sculptures are personal yet conceptual, individual yet totemic. Alejandro Quincoces makes the gritty glow in his expressionist, urban environments. Eric Roux-Fontaine’s verve pulses in his mystical, magical, and romantic compositions. Brian Keith Stephens paints the exuberant human experience and reminds us to participate.

HUGO GALERIE is a fine art gallery in New York City specializing in contemporary figurative painting and sculpture. The gallery represents an international roster of artists working in a variety of media and range of genres. Please direct inquiries to

Albert Hadjiganev, Soir Rose, oil on canvas, 28¾” x 36¼” (73 x 92cm)
Jernej Forbici, Lake with Red Mud, oil and acrylic on canvas, 63″ x 81″ (160 x 206cm)