Beth Carter, Limited Edition Print, “The Dreaming Chair”


Beth Carter’s limited edition photogravure print, The Dreaming Chair, now at Hugo Fine Arts Galerie. Limited edition of 10. Available for immediate, domestic and international delivery.




Released in 2016. The Dreaming Chair limited edition photogravure print by Beth Carter.

Photogravure printing was invented in the 1879 and is known for its warm blacks and subtle gradations. The historic photogravure process transfers an image using a flat, copper plate which is deeply etched and printed by hand. Contemporary photogravure prints use an aluminum plate coated with a light-sensitive polymer that is exposed with a photographic image. For this work, a photograph taken of Carter’s charcoal drawing was exposed onto the polymer coated plate and the plate was then inked and printed using the traditional etching press method.

Limited edition of 10.

23½ x 16½ inches (60 x 42 cm)

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 × 1 × 23.5 in

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