Fabienne Delacroix, Art Book, “La Belle Époque”


Published by Hugo Galerie in 2022, La Belle Époque brings to bookshelves everywhere the work of internationally renowned French painter Fabienne Delacroix. Her subjects range from quiet, domestic interiors to convivial, park scenes and serene, rainy days to luminous, breezy coasts. Delacroix is a gifted storyteller—she supplies all the details necessary and none that burden. The cityscape’s perspective is present without appearing geometric; painterly crowds are full of unique personalities that blend into a cheerful collective; every snowflake is discernible yet not one contrived. Everything glows with life and light. Her pieces are at once playful, joyous, and lyrical. They are saturated with Delacroix’s undeniable love and admiration for the seasons she depicts and the people and families living in her little worlds. And this celebration of her artistic practice captures it all.

Admirers and collectors of Fabienne Delacroix’s work will consider this a necessary addition to their libraries.


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Published by Hugo Fine Arts Galerie in conjunction with Fabienne Delacroix, 2022.

Hardcover, 156 pages

11¾” x 11¾” (30 x 30 cm)


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