YVES CRENN b. 1969, Vernon, France

Photograph of artist Yves Crenn

Yves Crenn was encouraged by his family from an early age to explore his passion for drawing. In 1990, at the age of 21, Crenn enrolled at Les Beaux Arts de Rouen, where he studied oil painting and drawing for six years. After graduating in 1996, he participated in several group exhibitions throughout France. In 2003, Crenn discovered that by replacing oil paint and dry pastel with a combination of watercolor and pastel he could create unique textural effects, as well as provide smooth color transitions. This quickly became his media of choice as a means of expressing his perception of the world and has made his work unmistakable. Crenn was greatly affected by a visit to Pompeii at a young age where he saw ancient frescoes, architecture and human remains perfectly preserved in the ashes. This influence is still evident in his recent work; his texture and color palette recall classical antiquity. Crenn’s work is characterized by the subtle haze and soft glow he gives to his subjects; his pieces appear to be seen through the fog of memory. His choice of natural, warm colors and classic subjects, such as female nudes, allows his compositions to be quiet yet powerful pieces that are both ageless and emotive. His work has received consistently positive reviews from art journals such as Miroir de l’art, Vernissage, Verso, Pratiques des Arts and Artension. Crenn currently lives and works in Rouen, France.

1990 Les Beaux Arts de Rouen

2016 Galerie Claudine Legrand, Paris
2015 Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2015 Un Autre Temps, Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2014 Face Cachée, Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2013 Variations, Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2013 Spring Group Show, Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2012 Group Show, Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2011 Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2011 Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, New York
2011 Galerie Daniel Duchoze, Rouen
2010 Galerie du Fleuve, Paris
2010 Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2010 Art London
2010 Panorama Museum, Leipzig, Germany
2009 Art Karlsruhe, Galerie du Fleuve, Germany
2008 Galerie Duchoze, Rouen, France
2007 Galerie du Fleuve, Paris
2006 Axelle Fine Arts, Boston
2006 Cas d’ecole, Galerie Duchoze, Rouen, France
2005 Axelle Fine Arts, New York
2004 Galerie Daniel Duchoze, Rouen
2003 La Mémoire d AREA, FRAC Basse-Normandie, Deauville
2000 Dessins, Galerie Daniel Duchoze, Rouen
1998 Le Printemps de Bresle, Galerie Daniel Duchoze, Rouen
1997 Travaux sur papier, Galerie Daniel Duchoze, Rouen
1996 Diplômes 96, Galerie des Beaux Arts, Rouen